For more information about clicker training, operant conditioning and animal behaviour:

Karen Pryor's

Dr. Sophia Yin, DVM, MS - The Art and Science of Animal Behaviour

Temple Grandin's Animals Make Us Human

For more information about Coturnix quail and other game birds/poultry:

Quail, Past & Present - by Micheal Roberts
This is probably the most informative book I have read about raising quail. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in raising them as a hobby.

Keeping Quail by Katie Thear
This book is a good starter book but the info is very general.

That Quail Place
Info on all quail and game birds and a discussion forum - mainly focused on commercial farming, private land stocking, hunting and bird-dog training.

Build your own incubator
Rush Lane Poultry's "Coolerbator" plans - these are the plans I used to build the incubator that hatched Brita and Blondie.

Alberta Chickens Etc.
Canada-wide poultry buy/sell  and discussion forum.

An extensive database of hundreds of chicken breeds and different species of game birds and waterfowl. Includes breed history, special considerations for each breed, and lots of photos. 

To connect with hobby farmers/agricultural enthusiasts in Northwestern BC:

Terrace and Area Backyard Farm Hobbyists (Facebook Group)
As of 2012 this group has almost 400 members, consisting of agricultural enthusiasts from all over Northwestern British Columbia. You will find people who keep and raise game birds, poultry, waterfowl, fiber animals, beef and milking cows, horses, bees, etc. You will find yarn-spinners, cheese-makers, organic gardenersand all kids of homesteader-types to chat with, trade with, and discuss questions with. Take it from me, there are a lot of poultry and game bird enthusiasts here!


  1. Help required. I started quail rearing for eggs and meat purpose. I have 140 birds with 5:1 ratio for egg production. I am getting small eggs and less egg production(50-60 eggs) only. Please suggest.

    1. How many hours of light are you givng them?