Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Video 11: The Platform

It's been four weeks since Brita and I last had a training session - I've been on a three week clinical practicum and am slowly getting back into the routine of school and ready to start training again! Brita has spent her last few weeks molting and is getting in a nice new set of feathers, though she looks a little scraggly at the moment.

The Platform was something we worked on a week before I left - I've only just found the time to compile the highlights. I started with a short platform and got her to touch it, then put a foot on it, then two feet, and then to to stay there for at least a second. Then I bumped up the platform to be 3x as high. This confused her a bit because not only was the platform taller, it was a little bigger and it looked different. This might have been too many changes at once, so I went backwards with her and clicked her for simply touching it and over the course of a few sessions, got her to walk on it.

I would like to increase the height of the platform and get her to stand on it for a couple more seconds. This week I will mostly be doing review with her as we have a public demo to do at my university for Animal Health Technology night. I will not only be doing demos with Brita but with a border collie as well!

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