Sunday, 26 February 2012

Taking a wee break!

If you've been following the blog you'll notice it's been a couple weeks since my last video - I'm currently on a 3 week practicum out of town and Brita is staying with a friend until I come home. I have video footage of her lasted stunt, which is standing on a short pedestal, but it might be a while before I get it up because I'm on wifi internet at the moment and loading takes a long time. Two more weeks before Brita and I get back at it with more learning!

About 10 days ago Brita and I did a presentation to a local 4H group and Brita performed both her Peck a Red Ball and Stand on a Green Platform in front of about 40 people. She hasn't been around that many people since she was a day old and wasn't the least bit concerned!

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