Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Brita's Ping Pong Ball

Once Brita was pecking at a red target as reliably as Blondie was, I took her a step further by introducing the target in 3D in the form of a red ping-pong ball. It takes her a minute to make the connection but once she gets it, she really goes for it. I was having a hard time not laughing when the ball went flying off the table a few times. I also tried putting the ball on a stick and holding it in positions she would have to reach for, and she does. Brita was a lot faster to learn to peck the target than Blondie - Brita began to peck when the red circle was still big so I captured that early and just whittled the size of the circle down.

Brita is actually a joy to work with. She is a little calmer than Blondie but a little more serious too. And she likes to cheat. A lot. She also makes it very clear when she thinks she has earned a click and she doesn't get one!

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